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We hope you find our website helpful for showing you who we are and what we do as a church. Cornerstone is a loving church, and we want you to know we would welcome you any time you decide to visit. Feel free to browse through the various pages of our website to learn more about us.

If you are considering a new place of worship or relocating to the Lawrence and Douglas County area, we would love to have you be our guest.

When you visit Cornerstone, you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will welcome you
  • Preaching/teaching that is centered on the Word of God
  • Ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age

You can use the calendar page in the website to find out our activities and meeting times and there is a map with directions on finding our location on the information page. Ifyou any questions please call the churhc office, we would be willing to help in any way we can.   

Thank you and God bless,

Pastor Gary


Stolen - Annual Church Wide Bible Study and Sermon Series

This Sunday February 26, we will start our annual church wide Bible study, this year it is, "Stolen".

"Stolen" by Kerry Shook is a 6-week, personal, small and large group Bible study. The enemy uses our circumstances to rob us of treasures like passion, joy, peace, strength, inheritance, and dreams. Pastor Shook and his wife, Chris, will help us discover ways we can reclaim the treasures God intended for us.

Participants will have a range of opportunities to be invovled, beginning with a video time in the sanctuary, small group sessions in the Sunday School time, weekly devotions at home and each week, the worship service will be built around that weeks topic. .

Don't miss out on this series, God has much to give His people, don't let any of it be Stolen, all are welcome to join us.  


Pastoral Search

Open Staff Position

Director of Church Music and Worship


The music ministry of Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church is dedicated to presenting Christ honoring music that reflects the eternal truths of Scripture. Our music is a blend of old and new, contemporary and traditional. While this blend is both relevant and appeals to a broad-base of God’s children, our primary desire is to enhance personal worship and to encourage focus on the accompanying biblical preaching. And as in all things, Soli Deo Gloria, to God alone be the glory.


If you are interested in learning more about this position, please call the church office, Monday thru Thursday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm or send an e-mail to cornerstonesbc@yahoo.com and someone will get back to you with our job description.    

  March 2017  
Bible Search